About Healthspace

Healthspace is an interactive medical portal that brings patients and healthcare professionals together in order to improve healthcare in South Africa.

Our current health system in South Africa is characterised by fragmented care with little effective information sharing between health professionals or between patients and health professionals.

At Healthspace we want to connect health professionals with their patients and with each other.

As a patient, you can log into the secure patient portal and update your demographic details on the site before you visit the health professional. You can also complete your medical history and update any new chronic medication, adverse reactions and surgical procedures. This reduces the risk of losing important information and can also reduce the consultation time with a new health professional. You can view the diagnosis from the latest healthcare professionalvisit, view prescriptions and view notes from the healthcare professionalto you. You can view your laboratory results too, once the healthcare professionalhas explained them to you and loaded them on the system. As a patient, you can search for health professionals and rate their services. You can also control which healthcare professionalyou allow access to your medical information.

The medical portal also provides health professionals with an electronic record keeping system that can replace cumbersome paper systems. Health professionals who are allowed access can view a patient’s medical history, previous prescriptions, read other Health professionals’ clinical notes on the patient and refer the Patient on the system. Similarly, they can write notes, prescriptions, medical certificates and referral letters on the system which will be seen by other health professionals that are allowed access by the patient. The patient remains in control of who can access their medical information.

This greater openness amongst health professionals and with patients may reduce clinical errors, reduce duplication of tests and lead to a better healthcare experience both for patients, their families and health professionals. Integrated, patient-controlled electronic medical records are already implemented in some developed countries, and have become the standard for which many health systems are aiming. Healthspace brings this to South Africa for both patients and health professionals.

"When patients participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes, and happier, healthier patients" - Charles Safran, MD - President of the American Medical Informatics Association