Benefits Of Healthspace

Patient Benefits of Healthspace:
  • Store your medical history securely online
  • Assign a healthcare professionaland share your medical history with authorised health professionals
  • View your health professional’s notes
  • View your scripts
  • Search for a health professional
  • Book your next appointment online
  • Save on medical costs since sharing of data reduces duplication of tests
  • View your lab results

Healthcare ProfessionalBenefits of Healthspace:
  • Electronic health record keeping
  • Store and exchange patient data on a secure server
  • Easy referral process
  • Save time when patients complete their medical history before they see you
  • Upload and store patient laboratory results and other patient documents
  • Daily calendar to book appointments and to use a "to do" list
  • Patients can request appointments online
  • Quick electronic prescription writing
  • Write notes to patients

Healthspace - connecting you for health.

"When patients participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes, and happier, healthier patients" - Charles Safran, MD - President of the American Medical Informatics Association