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Patient Benefits:

Access your medical history:
Keep your medical history secure and up to date. There is no need to remember a long list of your medications when visiting your health professional. You have a record of your allergies, previous operations and other details at hand. Ask your healthcare professionalto register on Healthspace to view your history.

Authorise a healthcare professionalto view your profile:
Select a healthcare professionalwho is registered on Healthspace to access your medical profile. He/she will then be able to view and add to your medical file.

View your health professional’s notes:
View your diagnosis after every visit and see a summary of your consultation.

View your prescriptions:
You can see the names and dosages of medications prescribed by your health professional.

Give feedback:
You can rate your authorised health professionals every three months, giving feedback on five different aspects of professional practice.

Save on medical costs:
Multiple studies show that there are significant cost savings when patients and health professionals have access to all previous medical records, blood tests and radiology reports.

View your lab results:
Once your healthcare professionalhas seen your results and explained them to you, he/she can load them onto your profile where you and other authorised health professionals can see them

Make appointments online:
If your healthcare professionalhas signed up for the service, you can log in and view the available appointments on his/her calendar and send an online request for a specific appointment time and date

"When patients participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes, and happier, healthier patients" - Charles Safran, MD - President of the American Medical Informatics Association